A New Breed of Elephant: Conservative Outreach, Transcending Identity Politics, and Victory in the 21st Century

Just over a year ago I announced on this blog that I was undertaking a massive project to write a book about minority conservatives. The concept was vague and undefined, but I knew that it was something that I needed to do.

I didn’t have an agent, I didn’t have a publisher, and I didn’t have a name for the book.

One year later and I still don’t have an agent or a publisher, but I have named the book and I’m proud to announce that you can now pre-order it on Amazon. (Paperback copies will be available in mid-March).

The concept of the book changed as I worked on it and eventually settled on the topic of outreach. The minority conservatives I interviewed had so many good ideas for how to reach their communities and as I wrote I realized that this topic is probably the most important one that I could address.

That’s not all the book is about, but it is the majority of the writing. The book is filled with interviews from conservatives from as many backgrounds as I could find and their ideas, along with my own research, formed the basis for the rest of the book. You’ll also find out what the core principles of being a conservative are and what it’s like to be a minority conservative.

I sincerely hope that what I have written in this book does justice to the work of those interviewed and helps conservatism to move forward into the 21st century.

I proudly announce that A New Breed of Elephant: Conservative Outreach, Transcending Identity Politics, and Victory in the 21st Century will hit the web on March 1st, 2016.

Book Cover

Pre-order now on Amazon. 


It’s Always Okay For Someone to Not Like You – A Rant

I find myself at odds, once again, with another gay Republican. I wrote an article a few months ago on why I don’t make politics personal and what triggered it was an article written by Jimmy LaSalvia, recently of GOProud.

Now I find myself writing a response to something he’s said once again…and steadily getting annoyed at myself that I feel the need to continue doing so.

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CPAC 2013 (AKA: Help, I need a new liver!)



That is a word that will bring back memories of my first CPAC trip. Boy oh boy did I get a hangover on Friday morning…and Sunday morning. I’m responsible though and I avoided all alcohol Friday night, in order to be bright eyed and ready for the job fair on Saturday, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

 Other words that I will continue to think of when I remember CPAC will be inspiriring, exhausting, hectic, and amazing. It was not at all the same as Right Online 2012, which I went to last year in Las Vegas.

 For one thing I already had a great group of friends when I got there and a huge number of twitter/tumblr followers to meet up with during the 3 days.

Also, no offense to Las Vegas (or my friends who live there) but, I definitely prefer the DC/Alexandria/National Harbor area over the Strip any day at all.

Water Taxi between National Harbor and Alexandria

 This truly was the “comicon” of conservative politics, as Jimmie Bise told me to expect when I saw him before the convention. There were even people in costumes!

 In a way the mood was both more laid back and more formal than Right Online ever was. At RO it seemed that if you weren’t going to the panels and listening to the speakers, the halls were a ghost town until after all the grand speechifying was finished and you could finally spend some quality time networking.

 CPAC was heavy on the networking and going to hear the speakers and panels was far more secondary. I have to admit that, with a few exceptions like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ann Coulter, and Ted Cruz, I watched most of the speeches after CPAC was over and done with and I was flying home. Instead I spent a lot of time talking to people, making new friends and getting (hopefully) some new readers for my blogs and new viewers for my video cast.

Jefferson rocks!

Long story short, I think this year’s CPAC was necessary release valve on our frustrations after the election. We got to reconnect, re-organize, and remember why we do what we do.

My one major issue with it though was that we kept hearing people talk about the party being refreshed and getting new blood, but there was still a lot of the old blood speaking. No offense to Sarah Palin, but we’ve heard it all honey. The reaction to Rand Paul’s speech, where 90% of the audience appeared to be on their feet to “Stand with Rand”, is what we need now and that means we need to energize the base with new faces…not the same old schtick over and over again.*

Not the best quality, but one of my favorite photos of the week.

As for the trip itself, it was fantastic! I got to see some old friends and hang out with awesome people. I went to a pub named “Bilbo Baggins” in Old Town with Donlyn Turnbull and then danced the night away with all the cool people at a karaoke bar a few blocks away.

I saw the Jefferson Memorial and took pictures of the White House and visited the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington and I basically fell in love with the Alexandria/DC area.

I can’t wait to go back, whether it’s for another conference or for a job.**


*I make an exception for Ann, because she is just so snarky!

**Though I’m hoping for the job. I want to live in that area so much that it was almost physically painful to leave.

It’s been a really long week

Nope, I’m done. Go on without me!

Filled with politics, friends, more politics, booze, food, new people, more politics….and did I mention alcohol?

Also karaoke.

And a job fair.

And some awesome new guests in the line-up for my podcast.

But I won’t go into things too much right now, I just wanted to let my reader’s know that I did, actually, survive CPAC 2013…though there were moments that were rather close calls on that front I must admit.

I’m working on a post about my adventure’s and what I learned from the whole event, with a few hilarious anecdotes about my flights and the various shindigs I attended.

But first I really need some sleep.



We’re Eating From the Wrong Side of the Mushroom (AKA: Stop Blowing Things Out of Proportion)

I don’t usually play the “gay” card when it comes to my politics, mostly because it’s just not important.

Sure, I play it when I want to make a liberals head explode from having to deal with a Republican who isn’t a “straight, white male” but that’s pretty much it.

I have little to no use for minority or collective politics, that’s why I’m a conservative. I have absolute no need for advocacy groups for my sexuality or gender.

That’s not to say that I don’t like GOProud to a certain extent or that I’m not a member. I do credit them (though more because of Breitbart’s initial involvement with them, than the group itself) with helping me come out of my conservative closet, and I like Jimmy and Chris quite well. I don’t want people getting the idea that I dislike GOProud or what they do…I just don’t always think they are right all the time, just by virtue of being run by gay people. That would be a disservice to them and to my own conservative beliefs.

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