Grow The F*ck Up: The Valdosta Flag Scuffle Shuffle

keep-calm-and-grow-the-fuck-up-35It’s been a really long time since I added to this particular series of articles. In case you have forgotten my previous articles, please check out Grow The F*ck Up, Grow The F*ck Up: The UCLA Remixand Grow The F*ck Up: The Professor Probation Alternative

Usually these articles take a swipe at childish liberals who need to learn to play nice with people they don’t agree with, but today, as the title says, we are shuffling things up a bit.

Michelle Manhart, an Air Force veteran, was handcuffed and led away from protesters at Valdosta State University in Georgia. 

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Freepac Phoenix is this weekend.

As I’ve recently found my admiration and respect for Glenn Beck to be rekindled (so much so that I’ve been getting up at 6 in the morning to catch his entire radio show before class) and Dana Loesch will be there, you can bet your ass I’m going to be in attendance.

It’s rare to have a local political conference of the conservative type (even in this red state). The last one I attended was Right Online in Las Vegas this summer and that was quite an adventure.

It looks like a great line up of speakers at the event, which will include a 2 hour grassroots training seminar and a 3 hour rally from 4pm to 7pm. If you are a local reader, you should shell out the $15 ticket fee and join me there. Tweet me (@MeredithAncret) if you come.

If you don’t come, never fear. I’ll likely be live tweeting at least portions of the event at that same twitter account and I’ll do a write up of the even afterwards.

For a write up on a previous Freepac event, look no further than Dirty Sex & Politics whose author, Donlyn Turnbull, covered their event in Dallas this summer.

PS: Who else is excited to watch Paul Ryan completely humiliate Joe ‘Gaffe’ Biden Thursday night?

Also Atlas Shrugged Part II comes out this Friday. Buy a ticket, support the movie, and drag your friends to see it. I have it on good authority (from CommunismKills on tumblr who went to an early release) that’s much better than the first one and definitely worth your time and money. I’ll post about that after I go to see it as well.

Gobsmacking intellectual dishonesty from liberals who think we are too dumb to notice.

I think I’ve known this all along, somewhere in the back of my head, but the attacks on American Embassies throughout the Islamic world have really hit home how stupid, dishonest, and utterly outrageous the liberal view of Islam is.

I’m beginning to wonder if the liberal part of the population walks around with nothing between their ears, but air. How else could they possibly believe their own intellectually dishonest and politically correct bullshit?

Perhaps, similar to the early days of Catholicism, the leaders know what they are saying is complete shit, but they keep feeding it to their peons. However, in this day and age of readily available informatiom, that sort of ignorance doesn’t exactly reflect well on the lower echelons of liberalism and it doesn’t reflect well on the upper echelons when their views are so stupid that they can only get empty headed, Che Guevara t-shirt wearing, marijuana smoking dunderheads to buy their words.

The only other option is that the liberal leaders actually buy their own bullshit as well…which is just too scary for me to contemplate at this juncture. (I would bet on that being the case with Pelosi, Reid, Buffet, and Biden though…)

Now that I have the main insult portion of the evening done, let me discuss the truly hypocritical and hilariously (or obscenely) stupid notion of Islam that liberals keep trying to feed us.

Liberals keep telling us that Islam is the religion of peace. Over and over we hear a line that is either fed by the fact that they have never read the Quran, never watched the news, never listened to the sermons given by Imams in the Middle East, or simply willful ignorance and self-delusion.

But, suppose, for a brief moment, that they are right.

If Islam IS the religion of peace, then there should be no instances of violence fueled by the religion.

If it IS peaceful, then we should be free to criticize it without fear as we criticize any other religion in our country.

Stop supposing, that moment is over.

You can clearly see that this is not the case.

I actively consider my own safety when I post a cartoon of Mohammed on my political tumblr.

Our secretary of state and our President spend more time calling a youtube video “Disgusting And Reprehensible” than they do making it clear that they do making it clear that innocent American citizens being murdered is NOT acceptable.

They spend time saying that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” and apologizing for America’s freedom of speech.

They drag citizens in for questioning when they make a video that speaks the truth about the background of Mohammed.

They are TERRIFIED of Islam.

They KNOW that Islam is not a religion of peace.

How else can you explain their quick decision to roll over and submit to them, apologize for American citizens exercising their rights, and beg and plead with us to not criticize this ‘religion of peace’.

That’s not going to happen, by the way.

I DID post that cartoon of Mohammed on my tumblr, because freedom of speech is something I would willingly die for, along with the other freedoms we have in this country.

But liberals need to realize we aren’t buying their act. Their speech of ‘Islam is a religion of peace and they would never do anything to harm anyone, but please don’t criticize them or speak out against them, because they might start killing us…even though they are peaceful and their religion advocates nothing, but peace.’


Stop lying.

This is level of stupidity and a line that NO ONE in this country should be buying.

A religion of peace does not react to a video that mocks their religion with murder and rioting and burning flags.

A religion of peace does not advocate a ban on criticism of their religion, because what is there to criticize  if it is so peaceful and enlightened.

I would call Buddhism a religion of peace much more readily than Islam and I know Buddhists aren’t exactly lobbying to ban negative speech against them. Mostly because Buddhists just don’t give a fuck what other people think, which, honestly, is the only reasonable way to live. Who wants to go through life getting angry at every person who disagrees with them? If I did that, I’d never have a moment of low blood pressure in my life.

More importantly though, your government doesn’t have to restrict your criticism of a peaceful religion. You don’t have to second guess yourself and wonder whether getting your words out there is worth the potential blow-back and danger to yourself and your family.

No, Islam is not a religion of peace and liberals are aware of this, or they are just plain stupid.

Liars or morons are your choices, neither option make for good leaders.


Here’s Pat Condell’s letter to the rioting Muslims around the world.

Co-signed, Me. I agree with him all the way.

And the school week has begun again.

Not really a huge deal, since I don’t go to class that many days a week, but still…

I take a completely ridiculous number of notes in my classes. Ridiculous!

Mostly because I have that little New Year’s Resolution to study more and note taking is a major part of that. I let myself slide a little last semester. But then again, most of my classes were so ponderous that taking notes would have felt like going from the frying pan into the fire.

Alright, here’s some neat little tidbits I picked up today.

Review of social contract theory, Declaration of Independence, Constitutional compromises….blah, blah, review, blah.

The first half of class was fairly average. We discussed the Articles of the Constitution. Order of ratification by the states. Steps to amend constitution. That sort of stuff. You would have to be there to really get how interesting my professor makes it all. The class is, as I’ve said before, my favorite. I will be looking for more classes taught by this professor in the future.

The best part of class came when we were polled about what our favorite amendment (from the Bill of Rights) was. About 3/4s of the class raised their hand for the 1st amendment, myself included. I have a lot of feelings about the first amendment alright?

Then came the 2nd amendment. I was shocked, for a state like Arizona, that only 3 or 4 people raised their hand. Once again, as we were voting on our top two, I raised my hand.

Our professor asked us to tell why we chose the 2nd amendment and I was completely honest. I said that, “even if the government isn’t on your side about your natural rights (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness…Property, though it’s not named specifically) that if you have the 2nd amendment you can protect all the rest on your own…no government needed.

So I’m from a family of pro-gun people. I’m not ashamed. My dad is part of the NRA.

But the best answer came from one of the guys who had also answered the 1st amendment like me. He said “The First Amendment is the first step to abolishing a tyrannical government. The Second Amendment is the last step.”

My teacher said that would make a good bumper sticker.

It totally would. I want one when I get a car this year.


So on to the next class.

First of all, while discussing the Weimar Republic, our professor says that Germany was home to Hegel and Marx and was a “font of wisdom, knowledge, and civilization.” I’m going to hope that those two things are considered separate and having nothing to do with the other.

Who am I kidding. That was a slim hope.

Though while talking about what brought about the fall of the Weimar, the professor did surprise me by admitting the “deep-seated antisemitism” of Germany at the time. I was thinking he would gloss over that.

The reasons for the fall are all ones that we have heard before.

1. Exorbitant war reparations

2. Hyperinflation of the German Mark.

3. Deep resentment of those that were ‘responsible’ for the German defeat.

An interesting story that I once heard, I don’t know how historically accurate it is though, was that the inflation of the mark in Germany made is so worthless that a man could burn single mark notes for longer than the wood that he could buy for the same amount would last.

Not a good situation.

Not hard to see where a charismatic leader like Hitler, with big promises to fix the economy and restore Germany to its proper place in civilization, could come to power and take over.

Other than 3 pages of notes on the Portuguese “Revolution of Carnations” we didn’t talk about much else and the Revolution of Carnations doesn’t really seem interesting enough to write a lot about, other than that it is apparently considered the “beginning of the 3rd wave of Democratization” in the world.

Also there are some interesting photos from the revolution, such as this one. Which gives a clear reason behind the name of the revolution.