Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Values Voter Summit

Few things on the “conservative” side of politics annoy me more than the Values Voter Summit. I can’t think of a time where they have added something truly conservative (or useful) to the political climate of the country.

However, a couple of things worth noting happened at the summit this year and they are things that pretty much sum up what I dislike about the demographic that the this group appeals to. The Values Voter summit is built by, and for, a demographic I like to refer to as “Progressive for Jesus” (if you’ve read this blog much you’ve seen me use this before, if you are new then this refers to a subset of “social conservatives” that feel that their religion and morals should be forced onto the rest of the country via big government style legislation…they share a lot more in common with progressive ideology than conservative). This is the demographic you are likely to hear making claims like “This is a Christian nation”, because they think their religion somehow gets special privilege to control the nation due to the incorrect belief that some of the founding fathers believed in their version of God and/or went to a church similar to their own.

If you can’t tell, I don’t care for this type of person much.

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Even If God Doesn’t Make Mistakes, Sometimes Our Genes Do

geneti3Every time a well known transgendered person comes out of the proverbial closet and publicly transitions from one gender to the other the “social conservatives”, or, as I call them, Progressives for Jesus start in with the phrase “god doesn’t make mistakes” to justify why they don’t believe that being transgendered is a real thing.

But here’s the thing, God may not make mistakes, but clearly somewhere along the line our DNA strands get a little tangled.

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I Hope I Can Still Appreciate Strippers at 85

If I’m 85 and in a nursing home, I really do hope the nursing home provides strippers. At that age I believe I’ll have stopped caring at all what other people think of me…I’ll be dead soon anyway and damn it I’m going to live my last few years any way I damn well please.

If my children have a problem with that, they can get over themselves. I spend some of my best years raising them and now they want to police my morality? They would have another thing (another thing is my euphemism for “beat down”) coming if they tried that.

Bernice Youngblood and her son, Franklin, are suing her nursing home (East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Babylon, New York) because they hired strippers to entertain the residents (apparently on a regular basis). The law suit, according the to the New York Post, states:

“Plaintiff Bernice Youngblood was placed in apprehension of imminent, offensive, physical harm, as she was confused and bewildered as to why a muscular, almost nude man, was approaching her and placing his body and limbs, over [her.]”

New York Post

But here’s the problem. How did Franklin Youngblood, son of Bernice, find out the immoral and hedonistic things that were occurring at East Neck? Did Bernice call her son in hysterics after a stripper gave her a lap dance for a bunch of singles? Did she report it to him when he came to visit and ask him to save her from this vile sinful nursing home?

via New York Post

via New York Post

No, no she did not. He found out because he found a photo of the incident in her room on his visit.

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Making Mountains Out of Molehills: Bibles labeled “Fiction” and Christmas Celebrations

Photo via St. Louis CBS from Mary Margaret Meyers-Walker

Photo via St. Louis CBS from Mary Margaret Meyers-Walker

There’s a table of beautiful bound books at Barnes and Noble. They are all “classics” (which means whoever made them thinks that people will spend more money for a pretty hardback cover) and I have bought a couple of them. I bought the Grimm’s Fairy Tale collection for my sister one Christmas and I got myself the collected Sherlock Holmes stories (though I already had 2 other copies…I may have a Sherlock Holmes obsession) a couple of years ago.

On the Barnes and Noble webpage they are referred to as the Leathebound Classics series.

I, and my friend Conservative New Ager, sometimes laugh over the choices that someone made on what books to offer in this series. How many people really want a leather bound copy of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, or Gray’s Anatomy.*

One of the books offered is the King James Version Bible. The cover is sort of pretty, but since I look with ultimate disdain upon the KJV translation I would never buy it.

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The Philosophy of Man of Steel: A Review by The Conservative New Ager and The Snark Who Hunts Back

See our similar article on the philosophy of The Dark Knight Rises, here.


ManofSteelMan of Steel is coming out to DVD today, and while we (the Conservative New Ager and The Snark Who Hunts Back) have talked about this before, a movie this philosophically powerful needs to be discussed again. But in addition to the deep philosophical material that needs to be dealt with this film has many an ignorant critic (you don’t like a movie, you don’t like a movie…but we have heard nothing so intelligent as ‘I just didn’t like it’…no, we get little more than fanboy bitching and complaints that the movie was too deep). So let’s look at the movie one more time (though I seriously doubt it will be the last time).

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Liberal Atheists* Are Basically Giant Babies

MjAxMy1lNTZlZThjZmE1MzIyZDMwActually they’re much worse, because babies don’t troll through popular culture, the internet, and day time TV for things to get offended by.

Why do I compare atheists to giant babies? It’s simple, they take everything so personally and they try to force people to change their personal thoughts to make them more palatable for Atheists.

They are also wimps. I have heard them complain about how “bad” someone’s opinion of Atheism makes them “feel” and I can’t help laughing.

How thin is your skin? Not everyone is going to like you, especially when you constantly attack their religion and beliefs.

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What Was That You Said About Gay People Never Suing to Force Gay Marriage on a Church?

Can I just take a moment to say:

I told you so.

Because I really really did.

The Church of England’s greatest fear over the legalization of gay marriage is about to be realized. A gay couple said he and his partner will go to court to force the church to host gay weddings.

“I am still not getting what I want,” Barrie Drewitt-Barlow told the Essex Chronicle. “It upsets me because I want it so much – a big lavish ceremony, the whole works, I just don’t think it is going to happen straight away.”

The British government recently passed a law legalizing gay marriage – but included a measure to protect churches from legal action.

h/t Todd Starnes at Fox News

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