Target, Transgendered People in Your Bathroom, and Gun Control

I was going to write an actual post about this, but to be honest I just couldn’t get my thoughts together on paper because every time I started to write I just got annoyed by the flagrant disregard for consistency and logic being used by the people saying that these laws make it easier for child molesters or rapists to prey on people.

Here’s a shocking fact, much like mass shooters that don’t care if the school, church, or public building is a “gun free” zone when they start shooting, pedophiles and rapists don’t care if a public restroom is unisex, single gender, or allows transgender people entry. If they were wishing to lay in wait in a bathroom to prey on a child or woman (or man, let’s have some equality here) they were going to do it whether or not the law (or the store’s rules) allowed transgendered people to access the bathroom of the gender they are presenting as.

So unless you are one of those people that favor gun control, because you think “gun free zones” are going to stop criminals from shooting people (guess what, the entire country is a “rape free/child molestation free zone” and somehow it still happens), getting worked up over the risk of transgendered people in your bathroom leading to your child being molested is a little ridiculous.

Oh well, I guess I could write my thoughts down after all. However, here’s the video anyway. Excuse the rambling, I made it in my car, before I had my first cup of coffee.



Even If God Doesn’t Make Mistakes, Sometimes Our Genes Do

geneti3Every time a well known transgendered person comes out of the proverbial closet and publicly transitions from one gender to the other the “social conservatives”, or, as I call them, Progressives for Jesus start in with the phrase “god doesn’t make mistakes” to justify why they don’t believe that being transgendered is a real thing.

But here’s the thing, God may not make mistakes, but clearly somewhere along the line our DNA strands get a little tangled.

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